Hello there!

My name is Carlos Duarte and I've been building websites and crafting experiences in the web since 2013. Feeling old as I write this...
The journey began when I bought the book "HTML for Dummies". Nowadays I rarely hand code in HTML, but I'm still pretty much a dummy in a lot of ways.
I spend most of my days:
  • playing and coaching futsal (“indoor 5v5 soccer” for those in the US);
  • building and maintaining Wordpress and WooCommerce websites;
  • crafting campaigns, managing contact databases and solving mysteries in Keap and ActiveCampaign;
  • thinking I’m a genius when using Google Sheets and Notion; getting creative and building apps that make my (and my clients’) day/work/life easier and more enjoyable, using tools like Airtable, Zapier and Make;
  • trying to live life in a way that makes sense, with my better half C├ítia and my dog Peppa.