The 6 Best Keap Add-ons Out There


Memberium is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to create Keap-powered membership sites. (Now supports ActiveCampaign as well)

It’s surprisingly complete, you can control content, level access and elegantly integrate every action with Keap.

I appreciate everything about Memberium, especially when compared to its competitors – reliability, flexibility, ease of use – but where it really goes above and beyond is in customer care​. They provide you with a complete set of intuitive training videos to get you started using the app and integrate it with your WordPress and Keap installs.

Competitors: iMember360


LeadsBridge is an all-in-one lead generation suite that connects lead generation sources (such as Facebook Ads) with CRMs and email marketing softwares (such as Keap).

Using this tool you can easily instantly sync Facebook Lead Ads onto your Keap app, without the hassle of exporting leads onto a .csv file and then loading them onto your CRM of choice. Another excellent use for this app is to sync custom audiences between the advertising platform and your CRM (to exclude your customers from your marketing efforts, efficiently track conversions, enhance your remarketing efforts, etc.)

Competitors: Sync2CRM


PlusThis alone gives you 40+ different tools and integrations. Some are deceptively simple, like the ability to put today’s date in a field. Some are insanely useful, like the ability to direct leads to different pages based on their behaviour or data. Almost all make you wonder why Keap didn’t include them out-of-the box.

Their feature library includes a GoToWebinar integration, page triggers, video triggers, SMS messaging, split-testing pages and emails, countdown timers, field math, applying tags to associated records. The list just goes on and on.


If you want to customize the look and feel of your Keap order forms without having to write any code, Spiffy is the solution. Here are some of my favorite features:

  • It works with your existing Keap order forms.
  • It has a ton of customisation options.
  • You don’t have to worry about any hard-to-implement integrations.

All forms are mobile-ready, and if you can copy/paste a hyperlink, that’s all it takes to get your forms looking great. Some of the options include: a mobile-friendly keypad for entering card numbers quickly and easily, ability to customize your browser icon and meta title, an option to add a link to your Terms & Conditions without having to use any code, an easy way to change the size of your payment buttons making them big and sleek, and so much more.

Keap Official WordPress Plugin

Keap has a free plugin that connects WordPress directly to Keap. With the plugin, anytime a user fills out your opt-in form on WordPress, they’ll automatically be added into Keap. Then, any automation campaigns you’ve set up will run. You can install the plugin directly inside of WordPress with just a few clicks. The plugin makes it easy to kick-off sequences like thank you emails, triggered phone calls, newsletter delivery, and drip nurture campaigns.

Keap Landing Pages WordPress Plugin

With Keap’s landing page plugin for WordPress, you can easily connect the landing pages on your Keap account to your WordPress website. This way, leads generated from your website will automatically get added as contacts in your Keap account.

Here some of the best things about Keap Landing Pages:

  • Publishing pages to their own WordPress domain
  • Having access to thousands of high-quality, royalty-free images
  • Choosing from 70+ free templates
  • Completely customizable, mobile responsive pages
  • Working with industry leading page load speeds
  • Easy Google Analytics tagging and Facebook Pixel tracking

Hope these are helpful.